Scientific Objectivity

Posted: June 4, 2013 in Cannabis, Law, Science


An article posted on The Daily Chronic stated that the US First Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston sided with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and rejected University of Massachusetts-Amherst scientist Dr. Lyle Craker’s appeal of the agency’s decision to deny him a license to grow medical marijuana for research purposes. Dr. Craker has been trying to secure an independent license to grow material for medical research since 2007. The license was approved by the agency at that time, and then it was rescinded for some unknown reason by the same agency.

As of November 2012, it is legal in the State of Washington to be in possession of up to 1 ounce of cannabis or 16 ounces of infused products and the definition is expanded. If government agencies are going to allow a change in the laws and regulate the industry, then there needs to be a 3rd party independent company conducting cannabis research. The cannabis industry needs an objective scientific point of view in order to answer the never-ending questions facing the policy makers throughout the United States. As of now, the only known facility that is producing cannabis for the government and its National Institute Drug and Addiction is Coy W. Waller Laboratory Complex on the campus of the University of Mississippi. NIDA is about negative side effects of cannabis or marijuana, as they refer to it.

If the states are going to allow cannabis legalization and regulate it, then objective research should be conducted to discover positive side effects, as well as negative. To provide an objective scientific point of view, you need to conduct objective research. American tax dollars already fund marijuana gardens for governmental research, which seems to be bias and quick to out the harmful side-effects. Why not fund research on what the plant can do to cure diseases and save lives, while improving the overall well-being of others? If you’re going to regulate the industry, then it’s important to get all facts and not just a bias opinion. In order to obtain objectivity in the cannabis


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