About Giana Lampreda



Some consider Giana Lampreda a renaissance person. In her professional life she enjoys delving into politics, the law, national and international affairs, and civil rights. In her leisure time she enjoys music, art, sailing and world traveling. Giana will graduate as a strategic communications major in June of 2013 from Seattle University. After a year working in her field of work as a public relations strategist, Giana hopes to attend Seattle University law school where she plans to pursue a special interest in protecting the global civil rights of U.S. citizens.

A 6x cancer survivor, Giana saw it necessary to get involved with patients and the state’s healthcare and wellness policy issues. Giana is also involved with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Cancer society to raise money for people who can’t afford healthcare treatment. She serves on the Coalition for Cannabis Standards & Ethics committee (CCSE), which helps the state and the Washington State Liquor Control Board create industry standards and procedures for medicinal and other legal cannabis production, processing, marketing and distribution. She spent the last two years researching cannabis from a scientific, legal and political point of view, and continues to learn from her ongoing research. She is motivated to altering the way people view cannabis and its use through the political, legal and social landscape.

Before becoming an advocate for medicinal cannabis and its use, Giana worked directly with clients in the legal field for ten years, and was a liaison between clients, attorneys and insurance companies. She assisted the attorneys in securing millions of dollars in admiralty settlements for the families of fishermen who immigrated into the United States and died at sea.

Giana’s legal experience combined with her training in public and government discourse provides her with the advocacy experience to be a leader for any organization. Giana’s goal is to help revolutionize the way people view their overall physical and mental wellness, and help alter policies that affect the quality of life for people around the world.


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